Thursday, 25 June 2009

Baked apricots with pistachios / Abricots au four aux pistaches


2 apricots per person / abricots par personne

ground pistachios / pistaches moulues

sugar / sucre

butter / beurre

Cut the apricots in half and remove the stone. Couper les abricots en deux et enlever les noyaux.

Put the apricot halves in a buttered oven-proof dish. / Mettre les abricots dans un plat à four graissé.

Put a spoonful of ground pistachio, a teaspoonful of sugar and a small piece of butter in each apricot half. / Mettre une cuillerée de pistache, une cuillerée de sucre et un petit morceau de buerre dans chaque motié d’abricot.

Bake at 170 degrees C for about 15 minutes. Faire cuire au four à 170 degrees C pour 15 minutes.

Serve warm or cold with cream or yogurt. / Servir tiède ou frais accompagné de la crème ou le yaourt.



Woodland Fay said...

Umm! Our (as yet imported from down your way) apricots seem sweeter and juicer this year, could it be the early Spring weather? Will be cooking this over the weekend, thanks, in haste, regards F

Jan said...

This looks tasty and I would have tried it with our last four apricots... but something ate them all the other night! We blame a roving couple of hungry hunting dogs.

chaiselongue said...

Woodland Fay: yes, the apricots here seem to be sweeter this year too. Maybe the rain we've had followed by the heat. Bon appetit!

Jan: What bad luck! Can dogs really reach the apricots? We've been warned of human (and we know who he is) fruit theft, but so far ours are still OK.

Anonymous said...

They look fantastic chaiselongue and posted just in time for our Apricot harvest do you think it would work as well with ground almonds or ground cashews?

chaiselongue said...

Hi Laura: yes, the apricots would be good with almonds or cashews, especially almonds which I think go particularly well with apricots. I've just discovered your Cevenol kitchen blog - what a lovely surprise! I didn't know about it before.

Anonymous said...

I haven't told anyone about the new blog yet in fact there will be three altogether one for paintings, one for recipes and one for gardening. I will eventually be closing Mas du Diable down so I am just testing out migrating the Mas du Diable content to blogger or wordpress - MDD uses an unusual platform and is getting expensive to host so I want something lighter easier and less technical. Blogger seems very easy to use but wordpress seems to offer a little more function. My wordpress painting blog is currently in working progress but address is