Wednesday, 5 August 2009



This delicious cold soup from Andalucia is perfect on a hot day.  Cette soupe fraiche d’Andalousie est parfait pour une journée chaude.


1 red pepper / poivron rouge

1 green pepper / poivron vert

1 cucumber / concombre

1 sweet onion / oignon doux

250 gm tomatoes, peeled / tomates, pelées

3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped / gousses d’ail, hachées

2 tablespoonfuls breadcrumbs / cuillerées chapelure

2 tablespoonfuls red wine vinegar / cuillerées vinaigre

salt, paprika, olive oil / sel, piment doux, huile d’olive

Cut the peppers, cucumber, onion and tomatoes into small pieces and mix with salt.  Leave for 2 hours in the fridge. /  Couper les poivrons, le concombre, l’oignon et les tomates en petits morceaux et mélanger avec le sel.  Laisser au frigo pour 2 heures.

Liquidise the vegetables and add the garlic.  Add the breadcrumbs, vinegar and paprika and chill again.  /  Mixer les légumes et ajouter l’ail.  Ajouter la chapelure, le vinaigre et le piment doux et remettre au frigo.

Serve garnished with some chopped tomato and cucumber, an ice cube and a swirl of olive oil.  Servir garnie de tomate et concombre haché, un glaçon et un fil d’huile d’olive.



Jan said...

Well, your ingredients are about the same as what I used, although I didn't use paprika just ground black. I think I need to have it in a restaurant to see what it should really be like!

Woodland Fay said...

One of my all time favourite dishes, since tasting it first in Spain in the early '60s. Make and eat all myself. I read once that a couple of leaves of rue was good added to it, unless you're pregnant, still add it along with a snip or two of tarragon.
Jan, paprika (either a little smoked Picante Pimenton or slightly more Spanish sweet) a must in my opinion!